ok im just gonna leave my laptop on im going to bed i cant take this

goodnight everyone take care of yourselves <3

How is _____ racist?
A white person who not gon believe you anyway if you try to explain (via pasiwate)

anon if you’re still around this is pretty informative and names a few more dudes that have committed similar crimes

oh i almost forgot about eddplant


boys r shit


do you know how scary it is to acknowledge how strong your feelings are for someone and your brain is like “maybe you love them” and you’re like SHUT THE FUCK UP BRAIN YOU DONT KNOW SHIT

man i remember when i loved tom milsom and alex day

but then i realized they were shit and skedaddled right outta there

Wait wait wait what did Tom Milsom do?? I really like his music but I don't pay attention to anything outside of that could you maybe fill me in please?